Unity Xchange brings to market an electronic exchange for credit union originated member loans. Listed loans come from certified sellers only. Unity Xchange creates an organized and accepted “clearing house” for quality loan participations.

Looking to diversify your business loan portfolio or manage your loan concentrations? Searching for participants for loans in the pipeline? Check out the video to see how Unity Xchange can help.

Unity Xchange is an online marketplace for loans where select certified lenders present loans to sell and subscribers browse for loans to purchase. Check out the presentation to see how it works.


Unity Xchange is the leader in providing an efficient loan exchange platform

About Us

Mission Statement

UnityXchange provides a trading platform where loans can be bought and sold by financial institutions. We are committed to providing affordable, flexible and system driven solutions in the most efficient manner for financial institutions to share loan yield. Along with our certification process, Unity Xchange will provide, support, and promote best practices in the distribution of loans and products to induce quality and consistency.


Unity Xchange is a collaboration of credit unions that buy and sell loan participations and professionals serving credit unions. The credit unions and professionals wanted to create an efficient and cost effective means to share loan yield from loans underwritten by high performing lenders. Seasoned MBLs, Forward Commitments, Taxi medallions and other type of loan will be posted within our UnityXchange technology platform. Both credit unions and banks can buy loan participation interest in loans. The professionals include David Dunn, an experienced business lending expert; Tom Campbell and Mario R. Pelosi, investment advisors to credit unions; and Guy Messick and Brian Lauer, attorneys serving credit unions. The contact emails for the professionals are listed below. Unity Xchange's ownership consists of Coastal Federal Financial Group, LLC, a wholly owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) of Coastal Federal Credit Union, Corning Federal Credit Union, Tri County Area Federal Credit Union, and CU Companies a CUSO owned by over 68 participating Credit Unions.

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Financial institution lenders may post loans on Unity Xchange to offer loan participations to subscriber/buyers that are members of Unity Xchange. Sellers may or may not choose to be certified. The certification designation is explained below.


Certification is a designation issued by Unity Xchange. It's a "gold seal" for financial institutions that historically originate high quality loans. Candidates must go through a “Best Practice” checklist which includes review of staff, internal systems, policies, procedures, review of historical performance of the loan portfolio, underwriting ability and documentation standards used at the financial institutions. In some cases, onsite visits may be conducted.

Each year certified organizations are required to complete a re-evaluation process in order to maintain their status.

All sellers have direct access to Unity Xchange's online market which enables the seller to post their loan participation opportunities to multiple prospects with one time document uploads. Buyers are able to efficiently click through the postings to find the right loan to buy.


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Welcome to the Residential Mortgage Whole & Participation Offerings @ UnityXchange!

UnityXchange offers buyers the opportunity to purchase whole or participations in mortgage loans made to credit union members. These loans may be conforming or non-conforming. Purchasing residential mortgages is an excellent way to add yield to your portfolio.

Sellers of residential mortgage loans will not be certified like business loan sellers. As always there is risk associated with purchasing whole or participation loans. All loans should be reviewed by your financial institution carefully before making any purchase. These loans will be listed individually as well as in bundles so pay careful attention to which you are reviewing.

If you interested in purchasing a whole or participating in a residential mortgage loan, have further questions, need additional documentation specific to your financial institution due diligence process, please feel free to contact t.campbell@unityxchange.com or m.pelosi@unityxchange.com.

f you would like the opportunity to post residential loans on UnityXchange please contact us at info@unityxchange.com.

Residential Loan Listing

Coming Soon!

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The Xchange

Unity Xchange is proud of its state of the art technology. Unity Xchange uses the power of our technology combined with the expertise of seasoned commercial lenders, lending advisors and portfolio managers to create an online marketplace for the purchase and sale of high quality loans. The Xchange makes transactions more efficient, bringing together some of the best commercial and business lenders with active loan buyers. The Xchange will make due diligence and communications fast and simple, allowing buyers and seller to concentrate on managing their portfolios, rather than managing transactions.

Unity Xchange allows financial institutions to sell commercial loans, taxi medallions, auto loans, residential loans, student loans and forward commitments on the exchange. Sellers become certified via “attestation” documents. The technology allows these lenders to post loan participation opportunities to a marketplace of buyers with one time document uploads. Subscribing buyers are able to efficiently browse through the postings to find the right loan for their portfolio and quickly delve deeper into the loan documentation to confirm this is the right loan.

Unity Xchange provides and facilitates “Lead Syndicate Funding” options, as well “Subordinate Syndicate Funding” options on Forward Commitment needs on behalf of Credit Unions and Banks ( For example; New Loans- such as construction, refinance and/or modification).


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Why should we become Certified?

Achieving Certification denotes that a financial institution has completed the “Best Practice” document(s). This level of approval connotes that a financial institution which lists loan participations, meet the highest underwriting standards established by Unity Xchange.

How long does the Certification process take?

The Certification process is principally driven by the timeliness of the submission of required documentation. In most cases it takes 1 to 3 weeks. /p>

What is the cost of Certification?

Please Email or call us for cost information. 215-552-8123 x103 or x104