Forward Commitments allow participants to get in on the ground floor of a loan relationship. Often it is necessary for a credit union to be able to show capacity to a borrowing member. At times it is necessary to seek participation partners to be able to meet the members' needs and it is sometimes necessary to do that in advance of loan closing. Forward commitments allow this to happen by giving participating credit unions the opportunity to commit to a loan before it is closed.

Status: Description: Location: Net Pass Thru: Total Amount: Lead Retaining: Commitment Target: Reserved Amount: Remaining Amount:
UX1010F UnityXchange is looking for a Lead Lender for a $16.8M loan for the ‘Foundation for Eldercare’ Lead lender has been found. PA 5.000 % $16,800,000.00 $1,680,000.00 $16,800,000.00 $16,800,000.00 $0.00
The Foundation is an IRS 501c (3) non-profit organization that has requested this loan for the purpose of purchasing 100 condo units in the Sadsbury Park new home development located in the Sadsbury Township, Chester County, PA.
The goal of the Foundation is to provide housing for those individuals aged 55+ who cannot afford to purchase their own home.
The Foundation will purchase the homes and provide an extended lease and additional benefits for middle and lower-middle income individuals to remain in their homes as long as their health will allow them, and the decision to end the lease is entirely up to the tenants themselves.
There are no asset limitations for the tenants.
-Purchase Price of the Homes = $220K
-Loan to Value = 80%
-Total Loan Amount over 24 Months = $16.8M
-Interest Rate = 5.00% Fixed for 10-Years (or better)
-10-year Loan Term
-25-year Amortization
Interest Rate 5.00% Fixed
UX-15001 Dakota Apartments in Williston, North Dakota. North Dakota 4.550 % $17,650,000.00 $1,765,000.00 $5,450,000.00 $5,450,000.00 $0.00
Details: This opportunity provides construction and perm financing for the Dakota Apartments in Williston, North Dakota. Williston is in the epicenter of the current North Dakota oil industry and is experiencing tremendous growth fueled by strong natural resource extraction and a good farm economy. Williston is a town that has nearly quadrupled in size within the past five years with strong population growth driven by a strong economy.
The borrower will provide a guarantee on the loan. The individual will transfer ownership into an LLC around the conversion to perm financing. The borrower will maintain at least a majority ownership. The organization owns and manages over 500K sf of commercial space and several thousand apartments in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The pfs are outstanding showing total assets of $19.4MM and net worth of $17.7MM with $10.2MM as liquid assets.
• Purpose: Construction/Perm financing on 5 different apartment buildings located in Williston, North Dakota. These are 4 separate loans as follows: Loan 1: 36 unit apartment for building III of Dakota Apartments Loan 2: Two 36 unit apartments (72 units total) for buildings V and VI of Dakota Apartments Loan 3: 30 unit apartment for building VII of Dakota Apartments Loan 4: 36 unit apartment for building VIII of Dakota Apartments • DSCR: 1.99-2.05 based upon a 5% rate and a 15 year amortization • LTV: 60.5%-63.4%
To VIEW ALL DOCUMENTS log in at , Main Menu, Forward Commitments, login at top of page.
Please email with your Indication of Interest (IOI). Requests will be based on a First come, First Serve basis. Commitments have been received by the following credit unions and banks
1) Capital CU: $1.620mm 2) First Community: $1.99MM 3) North Star $350K 4) Mutual First $500K 5) Citizens $2MM 6) Building Trades $500K 7) Prairie Fed $500K 8) Dakota Plains $570K 9) Bank ND $4M
UX5002-WAM WAMK-LTD--RESERVED 05/09/2013 and APPROVED 05/15/2013 by CU $1,483,000-SOLD. Louisiana 5.350 % $6,590,000.00 $900,000.00 $6,590,000.00 $5,690,000.00 $0.00
Details: ***Please log in at the top of this page to view Credit Memo. If you are having difficulties logging in, please email***
One of UnityXchange’s Sellers, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) in coordination with the Syndicate Manager, Centric Federal Credit Union (FCU)located in West Monroe, Louisiana is seeking to fulfill the remaining loan. ONLY $1,483,000 million is remaining in order to complete this NEW LOAN.
Summary: $6,590,000 Commercial loan collateralized by first lien on 4 properties totaling 530,000 sf., utilized primarily to store large paper and paper board products. Collateral properties located in LA (3) and GA (1) Tenants include Georgia Pacific Includes Collateral Assignment of all Rents and Leases Personal Guarantees from borrowers/principals Appraised at $10,140,000 (based on previous appraisals ~ 18 months) (New appraisal will be done prior to closing)
Please email with your Indication of Interest (IOI). Requests will be based on a First come, First Serve basis.
Commitments have been received by the following credit unions:
1) Centric FCU,Lead Syndicate, retaining $900,000 2) Aneca FCU committed $500,000 3) Red River FCU committed $500,000 4) Timberline FCU committed $500,000 5) Carter FCU committed $1.138 mil 6) CSE FCU committed $1.0 mil 7) E FCU committed $569,000

If you are interested in purchasing a participation in a any of these loans, have further questions, need additional documentation specific to your financial institution due diligence process, please feel free to contact or

If you would like the opportunity to post residential loans on UnityXchange please contact us at

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